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Fishing Guide & Charter Boat Fishing in Corpus Christi Texas

Fishing is a favorite for southern Texas locals and visitors. With access to the southern most part of the United States, this semi-tropical bay area is one of the largest locations for fishing charters in the state.  Warren Alan’s Texas Fishing Guide in Corpus Christi, Texas, offers full-day charter fishing tours and guides to catch local favorites like speckled trout, flounder, black drum, red drum, and more. Captain Warren Alan is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard professional fishing guide with years of experience scouting the waters for saltwater fish.

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Benefits of Scheduling Our Saltwater Fishing Guide in Corpus Christi TX

Here are some of the few benefits that come with scheduling our saltwater fishing guide for your visit to Corpus Christi, Texas:

New Tackle & Rig Options

Creating Productive Fishing Habits

How to Read Fish & Water Movement

Seasonal Tendencies of Texan Fish

Preserving, Cleaning, & Storing Fish

Effective Casting & Targeting Techniques

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Speckled Trout Fishing
Corpus Christi TX

One of the most common fish found in the Gulf of Mexico near Corpus Christi, Texas, is the speckled trout. Found on saltwater coasts from Maryland to Florida, these fish commonly travel in large schools and are found in shallow grass beds as well as estuarial rivers that flow into the Gulf. Capt. Warren Alan has been leading guided fishing boat tours in Corpus Christi, Texas since 1999. With decades of fishing experience, you can expect to gain insight into local fishing spots and feeding grounds while customizing your bait specifically to catch the aggressive speckled trout. Book a fishing boat tour with Warren Alan if you’re ready for an exciting speckled trout-guided experience.

Flounder Fishing
Corpus Christi TX

If you’re wanting to fish for flavor, southern flounder found in the Corpus Christi area of Texas is one of the most delicious fish you can catch. Capt. Warren has decades of experience scouting for flounder in several populated areas on the Texan coast. These flatfish species are found near the bottom of the bay and can camouflage themselves on the bottom of the ocean to get rid of larger prey. Male flounders can grow up to 12 inches, while females can reach up to 25 inches long on the southern coast.

To catch flounder, Captain Warren will take you on a tour through the bay area and recommend unique fishing techniques and lures to get them out of their sandy flats and onto your line. Schedule a charter fishing guide with Warren Alan in Corpus Christi, TX.

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Red Drum Fishing
Corpus Christi TX

Commonly known as the Texas redfish, a red drum is a highly sought-after fish in southern Texas. Due to their delectable taste that is often accompanied by butter and Cajun spices, red drums are the second most popular saltwater fish in the state. Capt. Warren offers red drum fishing charters for small parties in Corpus Christi, TX that can grow an average of 20-30 inches in length and can get upwards of 10-90 pounds full grown.

Captain Warren is extremely familiar with red drum fishing and knows just the trick to get them on your line. From using live bait to slip-sinker rigs, you can count on our guide to find the best red drum fishing spots in the area. For expert fishing boat tours, schedule a charter service from Warren Alan’s Texas Fishing Guide

Black Drum Fishing
Corpus Christi TX

Similar to its cousin, the red drum, black drum fish are a highly sought-after gaming fish on the Texas Coastal Bend. Due to its flaky white meat that can be compared to Red Snapper, it is one of the most commercialized fish in the state and can make for a delicious meal if appropriately prepared. You can spot a black drum by paying attention to its highly-arched back that is often grey or black, larger scales, and several barbels on the chin.

Our guided fishing expert, Warren Alan, offers year-round black drum fishing for locals and tourists alike. These fish species can reach up to 90 pounds, however, we recommend putting back any black drum that is over 15 pounds. Our charter fishing boat is prepared to handle the catching of black drums – are you? Contact us today to schedule Warren Alan for your fishing guide in Corpus Christi, TX!

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Intracoastal Guided Fishing Tours

Has it always been a dream of yours to take a guided fishing tour in the Intracoastal waters of Corpus Christi, TX? Captain Warren Alan has been a professional guide for the southern Texas area since 1999. With decades of experience fishing the waters of Laguna Madre, Baffin Bay, and several special locations, Warren is one of the best guides in the area that guarantees a catch every time. Saltwater fishing is a sport that many fishermen travel thousands of miles to experience, so it’s important that you have a trustworthy, knowledgeable guide to help you find the perfect spots to pursue your targeted species.

Warren Alan’s Texas Fishing Guide offers charter boat fishing services for those looking to catch flounder, speckled trout, red drum, and black drum. Every one of our fishing tours includes professional guidance on rig casting, bait, saltwater locations, and more. Book an Intracoastal guided fishing tour today.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Guide in Corpus Christi TX

It’s important to choose an experienced fishing guide for your charter boat tour when you’re looking for results in Corpus Christi, TX. Captain Warren Alan is a highly rated fishing guide that offers flounder, black drum, speckled trout, and red drum fishing on the Intracoastal border of Texas. There are hundreds of fishing guides in the area, but none are as passionate and educated as Capt. Warren. While you’re browsing for a charter boat guide on your next saltwater fishing adventure, make sure to follow these steps to find the best guide for your trip:

Gather Testimonials from Trusted Sources

Ensure the Safety of the Charter Boat

Know Exactly What You’re Paying For

Make Sure Your Guide is Experienced

Get to Know Your Guide & Their Favorite Spots

Make Sure Your Guide Has a U.S. Coast Guard Federal License