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Corpus Christi Fishing 2016

Corpus Christi Fishing

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Corpus Christi Fishing, what makes this area so alluring to the fishermen? Could it be the amazing weather that we have? The large amount of fish species we have? The vast amount of fishable waters? There are many different types of fishing you can choose:

• guided bay boat fishing trip (highly recommended)
• surf fishing
• bay fishing
• pier fishing
• wade fishing
• fishing from the jetties
• offshore fishing

Many say the Corpus Christi weather can be the fisherman’s dream or nightmare. What determines the perfect weather? Could be Corpus Christi’s claim to have 255 sunshine (fishing) days per year? Or the light breezes? One would say it’s spectacular when the wind is minimal and a joy when one wants to experience drift fishing.

When the winds are up it’s the fisherman’s nightmare fighting the winds, but on the flip side it’s the wind surfers’ delight; this area is sighted for being one of the top picks for windsurfing including hosting The Windsurfing Nationals.

The Laguna Madre is home to more finfish than anywhere else on the Texas coast, the most common species to catch are the

• Spotted Seatrou

t• Black Drum

• Red Drum

• Flounder

But you’ll be sure to occasionally come across other species such as Blue Catfish, Hardhead Catfish, Atlantic Croaker, Hound Fish, Jack Crevalle, Southern Kingfish, Ladyfish, Atlantic Midshipman, Mojarras, Striped Mullet, Pinfish, Florida Pompano, Smooth Butterfly Ray, Blacktip Shark, Sheepshead, Bigmouth Sleeper, Gray Snapper, Common Snook, Southern Stargazer, Southern Stingray and Tripletail.

Every angler has his own reason for fishing. What makes fishing appealing to me? It’s recreation, the peace and quiet, the trill of the big catch. See the redfish tailing, hearing a splash break the silence letting you know there is a fish out there. You are totally alone with your thoughts.

On the completely opposite end of that feeling, I love running down the Intracoastal waters at a fast speed in my bay boat. Exhilaration is the only word that comes close to describing that feeling of power, freedom, and speed. However The Corpus Christi Fishing is still my favorite passtime.

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